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Anonymous asked: also your sense of humor is really fucked up. i get that you might think it's funny, but for some people it is actually very serious. you make jokes about rape, 9/11, the boston bombing, and i don't see why. you are a gigantic asshole. no offense.

We are all very edgy here down at the office

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Anonymous asked: god isn't real and your religion is based on a book

I don’t remember promoting religion on my tumblr which one am I?

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immigrants-everywhere asked: To start off, that picture that you posted was incredibly rude. Also, if her father was a "suicide bomber" he would not come home. Hence the "suicide" part. Have a great day.

That’s why it’s funny, it’s also funny because of the reason you stated, he wasn’t supposed to come back from a suicide so he done failed his suicide bombing and she like “ugh why are you still alive, you had one job.”